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The Comic Arts Workshop

Since 2017, Ramon has been leading a rag tag group of scrappy storytellers, attending cons, learning mad skills, networking, getting jobs and getting published. The workshop offers free monthly events on meetup and many recorded conversations with guest speaker can be found here.

Somewhere out there, someone is waiting to read YOUR story. The Comic Arts Workshop gives you the tools you need to create your own comic stories. Not only have members gone on to work professionally, we've also produced our own anthologies.


The workshop holds the following four-week courses:
  • Writing a Comic Script - Focusing on how to shape your story as a script specifically for comics. Taking into account panels, page orientation, word balloons, page endings and more. (March)
  • Art Directing Your Comic - Whether you're an artist or not, there are certain things you can do to make sure your comic's art is as good as it can be. (June)
  • The Business Side - We cover production, printing, crowdfunding, publishing, pitching, marketing and more! (September)


"Being a part of the comics arts workshop led directly to my first published work. Ramon has built a community network where I was able to learn, grow and improve. A community I still enjoy being apart of."

- Greg Maldonado, Artist on
"The Milestone Initiative" from DC Comics

"Comic Arts Workshop isn't just about getting the opportunity to network with other comics professionals and befriend other creators, although it's definitely done that for me. One of the things that makes this group special is how seriously we all are about our comics careers. I'm eternally grateful to Ramon and company for helping me level up and learn from experienced comics professionals."

- Gregory Silber, Writer/Editor, The Comic Beat

"Ramon Gil is a writer who treasures his craft."

- Tom DeFalco, Former
Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Comics

"Joining Ramon Gil's Comic Arts Workshop turned out to be a surprisingly wise move. While I expected to learn how to develop characters, brainstorm intriguing plot lines, storyboard compelling action sequences and decode digital production secrets, I didn't expect to forge new friendships and join an engaged, supportive community. The workshop broke open a number of obstacles in my path, and my work began to flow. Ramon seems to own some mysterious, magical Creator Magnet; graphic novelists, animators and comics creators just seem to - find him, and then they continue to seek him out - if they know what's good for them."

- Jill Pratzon, Artist, Pratzon Art Restoration

"Ramon's deep knowledge of the comics medium and industry, stellar connections, creative drive, and work ethic make him an ideal leader and teacher. The things I've learned and the people I've met in Ramon's group helped to catapult my comics career forward."

- Jonah Newman, Editor at Scholastic and Writer/Artist of
"Out of Left Field" from Andrews McMeel Publishing

"Seeing your work in an anthology is a big confidence booster, and helped me land a gig with a publisher!"

- Glen Isip, Editor at Scholastic and Writer/Artist "Trash 2 Transit" from Benchmark Press

"I've always been terrible with networking and didn't know where to start when I first came to NYC. Ramon was the very first person to introduce me to a vibrant community of artists. His knowledge in comics is unparalleled and he's truly committed to make artists collaborate and grow together. Thanks to his events I was able to jumpstart my career as a comic book artist and storyboarder."

- Davide Puppo, Artist, AWA Studios

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